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La Commission Européenne finance, dans le cadre du programme Horizon 2020, un projet baptisé "Euroleish-Net", qui propose 15 sujets de thèse en lien avec le contrôle des leishmanioses.

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Poste de volontariat de service civique en virologie et entomologie médicale - Insitut Pasteur - Nouvelle Calédonie

L'Unité de Recherche et d'Expertise sur la Dengue et les Arboviroses de l'Institut Pasteur Nouvelle Calédonie propose un poste de volontariat de service civique en virologie et entomologie médicale pour une durée d'un an renouvelable.

La prise de fonction doit se faire à compter du 1 er Février 2015.

Pour plus d'information consultez la fiche de poste.


Poste de Responsable de la cellule "contre les arboviroses" ARS-OI

La direction de la délégation de l'île de Mayotte rattachée à l'ARS de l'océan indien recrute un responsable de la cellule "lutte contre les arboviroses". Le poste sera basé à Mmoudzou et la prise de fonctions est prévue au 1er décembre 2014.

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Post-doc - Génétique des populations invasives


Postdoctoral Position on the genetics of invasive populations

We seek to hire a post-doctoral research associate for a Grand Federative Project funded by the French Agropolis Fondation1 called BIOFIS “Bioagressors and invasive species: from individual to population to species”. The project is dedicated to develop, coordinate and communicate research actions on bioagressors in Europe (insects, mites, trees, fungi and virus) and on their associated natural enemies.

Term and location: The position should start in December 2014 at the latest. Support is for one year. This position is co-supervised by E. Klein (INRA – BIOSP, Avignon France) and V. Ravigné (CIRAD – BGPI, Montpellier, France). We encourage the postdoctoral fellow to be based in Montpellier but being hosted in Avignon is also possible.

Project: Bioinvasions have long been considered as purely ecological processes until researchers recognize that evolutionary processes such as drift and selection may play a substantial role in their success. Recently particular attention has been paid to evolutionary processes occurring during spatial expansions. Selection for different life-history strategies at the source and front of invasions is expected to affect the speed of spatial spread. The strong effects of genetic drift associated to the specific demography of an expansion (in particular successive funding effects distributed in space) may as well shape the neutral and selected diversity along invasion waves. To better understand the interaction between drift, selection, and dispersal, we wish to design and analyze spatially explicit simulation models allowing studying the spatial spread of beneficial/neutral/deleterious mutations during a colonization process. We are particularly interested in studying the effect of i) environmental heterogeneity and ii) non-standard mating systems (e.g., mixing sexual and asexual reproduction) on the process. This work is expected to produce useful results for approaches based on the analysis of population genetic structure along invasion waves such as (i) the reconstruction of invasion routes (ii) the detection of traces of selection using genome scans.

The output of these theoretical developments will be confronted to an existing dataset describing the population structure of a fungal pathogen of bananas along an invasion corridor in Cameroon. Depending on the candidate’s interests, other links with empirical work in the team may be considered.

We seek a young researcher who combines with a strong conceptual background in evolutionary biology and some modeling skills (mathematics and/or computer science). Experience with programming and population genetics is required. Skills in data analysis are not necessary but will be considered positively. Facility in writing is important. The post-doc will benefit by working as a member of the BIOFIS project team with an extent network of collaborators interested in dispersal, invasion biology, plant pathology, evolutionary biology and population genetics.

Eligibility: Agropolis Fondation typically considers applications from candidates that have not resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc) in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the date of submission of the proposal and that have obtained their PhD degree for no more than 3 years upon the date of application. However, we encourage excellent candidates not entirely fulfilling these conditions to contact us, as these might be funded if no other eligible candidate satisfies scientific requirements for the job.   

Contact: Virginie Ravigné. Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. "> Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser.


Offre de postdoc- Institut Pasteur de Cayenne - Entomologie médicale

L'Insitut Pasteur de Cayenne propose un poste de chercheur posdoctoral de 24 mois au sein de son Unité d'entomologie médicale.

Le candidat travaillera sur la résistance aux insecticides et ses mécanismes en relation avec la compétence vectorielle d'aedes aegypti pour les arboviroses tel que chikungunya, dengue...

Voir la fiche de poste.


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AG et Journée Thématique "Impacts de la LAV"


Veuillez trouver, ci dessous, les présentations de l'Assemblée Générale du CNEV qui s'est tenue à Paris le 2 octobre dernier :

Présentation du bilan 2014 et perspectives 2015 du CNEV - Didier Fontenille

Présentation de l'expertise "préparation au risque épidémique d'arbovirose en métropole"- Frédéric Jourdain

Présentation de l'expertise "adaptation des stratégies de LAV aux Antilles" - Didier Fontenille

Présentation du GT "Guide des bonnes pratiques à l'attention des collectivités" - Fabien Walicki


Les présenations de la session thématique " Impacts de la lutte antivectorielle" ainsi que la table ronde sont accessibles au lien suivant:

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